Monday, 13 May 2019

EXCO 2019/20

2018 was an unforgettable year where lots of fun and new memories were made. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the EXCOs for the year 2018/19 for the amount of effort they have put in creating a better platform for all Malaysian students in SIM. Not forgetting our subcommittees who never once hesitated in providing a helping hand for MCSIM. 

Starting the new work year with the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in March, an overall status of MCSIM was presented. It was also a day to recognise the efforts of all executive committees and subcommittees. We sincerely thank all the members who took their time off to attend this significant day. 

We wish them all the best for their future endeavours and hope to see all the familiar faces again! 

Now, let us welcome our new batch of EXCOs on board!

MCSIM EXCO 2019/20

Esther Yong Min Yi, President of MCSIM
She first served as a subcommittee member of MCSIM in 2018.
She is currently pursuing Professional Communication in RMIT.
Through MCSIM, she wish to make all Malaysians feel at home in SIM.
She believes teamwork is the key to bringing MCSIM to greater heights.
"Work hard in silence, let success be your voice".

Choi Xin Ping, Jaslyn, Vice President
She first served as a subcommittee member of MCSIM in 2018.
She is currently pursuing Accounting and Finance in University of Birmingham.
She believes that by being positive and happy, good things will definitely happen in your life.
"Surround yourself with people who make you smile and feel warm in MCSIM family".

Ichiro Tan, Secretary
He is from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah a.k.a. 'Land Below the Wind'.
He is currently pursuing Diploma in Management Studies in SIM GE.
He first served as a subcommittee member of MCSIM in 2018.
He always believes that proper management is the core to succeed in every aspect and his life motto is "Happiness Lies in Contentment".
He is honoured to be in the team and is looking forward to a fulfilling year ahead!

Seow Chun Wei, Director of Events
He is currently pursuing Diploma in International Business in SIM GE.
He first joined as a member of MCSIM in 2018.
He strongly believes in teamwork and holds on to the motto, 
"Alone you can go fast, together we can go faster and further."
It's gonna be fun!

Nelson Lee Yong Fong, Director of Welfare
He is from Malacca and is currently pursuing Management and Digital Innovation in University of London.
He believes when there is teamwork, success is inevitable.

Joanne Leo, Director of Marketing
She is from Kluang, Johor and is currently pursuing Banking and Finance in University of London.
She wishes that all Malaysians from different states can gather here in SIM through MCSIM!
Holding on to the motto, "Coming together is beginning, staying together is a process, and working together is success.", she is glad and honoured to be a part of this family!

It's gonna be another year full of events and joy with MCSIM! Do continue to show your support and we look forward to seeing you!

Monday, 11 March 2019

MCSIM Year of Perfect Incredible Goodness 2019

On the 24th of January 2019, Malaysian Community in SIM (MCSIM) organized an event to celebrate this year’s Chinese New Year, with the theme “MCSIM Year of Perfect Incredible Goodness 2019”. Through this event, MCSIM wishes to gather all SIM students to celebrate the joy of this festive season.

The event started with the traditional lion dance performance by our one and only MCSIM Lion Dance Troupe. The lion dance performance was followed by a dragon dance performance.
Traditional lion dance and dragon dance performance by our MCSIM Lion Dance Troupe!
We then invited our club advisor, Jason and president, Nicole to come up for a speech. After the speech, we proceeded with our first lucky draw session and presented the prizes to five lucky winners.
Speech by our club advisor, Mr. Jason!

Speech by president, Nicole!

Ms. Lydia picking the winners for the first lucky draw session!
To hype up the event, we continued with a short interactive game session where participants had to pass the balloon to the person next to them until the music stops. The person holding the balloon when the music stops had to do a forfeit.
Participants performing the chicken dance as their forfeit!
We then gathered our participants to the middle of the hall for our “Lao Sheng” session. Participants had fun tossing the “Lao Sheng” while saying auspicious phrases out loud to usher in good luck.

Dinner started at 8pm. Participants enjoyed the singing and dancing performances that were showcased while having their dinner. 

Scrumptious dinner prepared for our participants!
 The Salty-nation band performance by Wei Xuan, Zhi Xian and Brandon!

The second band performance by Yi Ling and Joan!
Dance performance by our four pretty ladies!
  The third band performance by Joyce, Fanny and Allan! 

After the performances, MCSIM Lion Dance Troupe came back on stage to perform their 24 Festive Drums. We then continued with our second lucky draw session and gave out major prizes to ten lucky winners. A short MCSIM film was then played. The film shows a story of the lead character heading back to her hometown for a reunion dinner with her family.

  24 Festive Drums by MCSIM Lion Dance Troupe!

Emcee announcing the lucky winners for the second lucky draw session!

Last but not least, we wrapped up the event with a flash mob presented by all the EXCOs and committee members!

Committees performing the mass singing and dancing performance!
On behalf of MCSIM, we would like to express our gratitude to all of you for participating in our MCSIM Year of Perfect Incredible Goodness 2019! Special thanks to all the performers for the wonderful performances showcased during the event and committees for your continuous support!
We hope all of you had a enjoyable night with us and we hope to see you soon!

Best regards,
Jet Viee
Director of Marketing 2018/19

MCSIM Town 2019

On the 9th, 10th and 11th of January 2019, MCSIM organised a funfair themed event called MCSIM Town. The event is held to raise awareness of  MCSIM and also to promote the Malaysian culture among the SIM students. Besides, MCSIM also aims to create a platform for students to get to know more friends and recruit members for the MCSIM Lion Dance Troupe.

There were a total of 6 stations and participants were required to complete all the stations to get a free goody bag and also a chance to win lucky draw prizes! We’ve also prepared interesting performances during the 3 days event!

Traditional lion dance and 24 Festive Drums performance from our MCSIM Lion Dance Troupe!

Zhi Xian and Brandon showcasing their singing performances during our MCSIM Town event!
The first station is called MCSIM Corner that was prepared for the participants to find out more about MCSIM. It exhibited photos of MCSIM’s EXCOs and activities from year 2010 to current. 
Our committee member was bringing participants around the MCSIM Corner.

The second station was called Space Balloon and World War E.
These were the childhood games that Malaysians will play during our childhood times. 
Next, the third station was the Ring Toss Game. Our committee members will ask some questions related to MCSIM and Malaysia and our participants were required to toss the ring into the cone with the correct answers.

Next, we had the Batu Seremban game station.

Our participants enjoying the traditional Malaysian game.
The fifth station was an interactive DIY Bookmark activity.
Our participants enjoyed designing their own personalized bookmark with the motivational quotes, coloured pens and ribbons prepared!

We’ve also prepared a photobooth for our participants!
Our participants took a picture at our photobooth to get the last stamp!
After the participants completed all the stations above, they were given goodie bags and a chance to spin the wheel at our lucky draw session!

We’ve also prepared some traditional and childhood snacks for our participants for food tasting!

Last but not least, we would like to express our appreciation towards our performers for their wonderful performances during our event! Not forgetting our committee members who helped in making this event a big success!
Once again, we hope you’ve enjoyed our event and got to know more about MCSIM and the Malaysian culture!
Looking forward to see all of you again at our next event!

Warmest regards,
Jet Viee
Director of Marketing 2018/19

Saturday, 1 December 2018

MCSIM Life Game, Life Maze 2018

On 14th October 2018, MCSIM organized the annual Life Game event this year with the theme of “Life Game Life Maze”. It was held at Palawan Beach, Sentosa from 8:15am to 6:30pm. Life Game, Life Maze 2018 is a simulation of the challenges we face in life. Therefore, through this event, MCSIM aims to enable participants to train their perseverance and strategy planning skills to overcome all the challenges through the obstacles prepared.

All participants gathered at SIM for registration and they were divided into groups of colours which include maroon, grey, navy, brown, dark green, light blue and light green. After registration, we headed to Palawan Beach!

The event officially started with an opening by our emcees, Layla and Esther as well as a speech and a warm-up session by our club advisor, Jason. Participants were given a briefing on the game play by our emcees and subsequently, they were flagged off for game session one. 

Our participants gathered at the home base upon arrival at Palawan Beach.

Warm up session by our club advisor, Jason before the event officially started!
There was a total of 10 game stations and six EXCO Challenges. All game stations were divided into two game sessions. Each group was required to complete five game stations in one session. Participants were able to earn maze puzzles if they complete the game stations and EXCO challenges successfully. The 10 game stations were Blindfolded Listener, Spike Ball, Joker, Balance Your Life, Giant Chopsticks, Pass the Water, Tug of War, Magic Carpet, Flip Tilt Hit and Water Fight.
Participants playing one of our station games, Blindfolded Listener.

Great teamwork shown by both of our participants from purple team for Spike Ball!

Participants posing according to the pictures given at the Joker game station.
Team Navy trying balancing the tennis ball all the way to the finish line at the Balance Your Life game station.
Team Maroon working together to pass the pins at Giant Chopsticks.
Our participants from brown team doing a great job at Pass the Water!
Team Dark Green trying their best to pull the rope at Tug of War!
Team Purple solving the mathematics questions at Magic Carpet!
Team Navy getting as much ping pong balls as they can into the box at Flip Tilt Hit.

Team Purple and Light Green challenging each other at Water Fight!

After all the challenges, a mass game called “Frozen Throne” was carried out as a bonding session. All the participants, subcommittees and EXCOs were involved in this game.
Our participants from Team Grey building up their throne!
After the mass game, the event ended with the prize giving ceremony. The first prize was awarded by team Navy, second prize awarded by team Purple and the third prize awarded by team Brown.

Well, that's all for our Life Game Life Maze 2018! It was truly an enjoyable, meaningful and indeed a well-spent day for all of us. Thank you for your support and we really hope to see all of you at our next event!

Best regards,
Subcommittee 2018/19