Sunday, 24 November 2019


Date : 13th November 2019
Venue : West Coast Park

MCSIM BBQ was a fun, food-filled day with lots of activities and scrumptious goodies.

The targeted number of participants were 60 people, excluding MCSIM EXCOs and subcommittees.

The event started at 4:30 PM and ended at approximately 8:30 PM. The purpose of the event was to gather Malaysian students from SIM and to help them forge and strengthen new bonds with one another. The events were also held in hopes of the participants being able to take a breather before resuming their daily study routine.

Participants mingling with each other before the start of the event

Before the commencement of the event, the committee had prepared some light refreshments which could be obtained after participants completed their registration. 

MCSIM Secretary, Ichiro gleefully setting up the registration booth alongside Subcommittee, Joyce

Our participants registering themselves at the registration booth

The activity proceeding the registration was the formation of groups and the ice-breaking games! The games the committee prepared had the purpose of encouraging the participants to warm up and be better acquainted with one another.

Participants listening to the game briefing by the game masters

Tap The Person, a game where you have to remember your group member's name!

Participants playing Pass The Number. A game which requires understanding one another's intentions.

Having fun with one another while waiting for the games to start

While the games were ongoing, the MCSIM committee were setting up the fire for the BBQ grill.

Director of Events, Chun Wei setting up the base of the fire using charcoal

Subcommittee Ing Cai, igniting charcoals in the pit to grill up delicious food

Our President, Esther and Welfare Director, Nelson ensuring the BBQ pit is doing fine

 Vice-president, Jaslyn and Director of Marketing, Joanne helping to grill the food

After the games session, the participants and committee members all gathered together to take a group photo.

Once again, this marks the end of another event with our dear MCSIM members. We hope that we’ll be able to cater to more participants in the subsequent year and that every single attendee managed to have fun and be better acquainted with one another.

And as the saying goes, “Together is a wonderful place to be”.
Cheers to friendship and camaraderie.

Kindest regards,
Joshua Lee Xing Wei
MCSIM Subcommittee 2019/2020

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Life Game 2019 - Together

Date: 20th October 2019
Venue: Siloso beach, Sentosa

The aim of this event is to allow the participants to learn core values that can be applied in daily lives, release stress by taking a breather from studying, and to make new friends and connections.
The target audience for our event is all SIM students.

At 8AM, the participants and a handful of committee members gathered at SIM to facilitate the registration of participants.

Committees having a short meeting before the arrival of participants

Participants trying to get to know each other

At 9AM, everyone began queuing up to board the bus. 

Ichiro, an EXCO of MCSIM, double checking the attendance

Brandon, one of the emcees, guiding the participants upon their arrival

All the teams had arrived at Siloso Beach!

Welcome to the opening ceremony everyone!!!

Brandon and Gillian were the emcees for the day, and they conducted the opening of the event.

Everyone was feeling excited and hyped for what was about to happen!

Gillian, the other emcee, handling the ice breaking session with Brandon

After explaining all the rules and game flow, we jumped right into the ice breaking session which enabled the participants to tighten their team bond.

WAIT!! Before that, let’s do some warming up first!

Okay!! We’re ready to roll!

We are a big happy family!

At around 10:30AM, it was time to flag off. Participants then travelled to their respective game station that served the purpose of imparting them with certain objectives and lessons.

Hidden Box, a game where we allow participants to understand the importance of listening and discerning information in a noisy situation.

 Hands and Legs, a game where coordination and awareness between the group members is vital!    

Roly-Poly, a game where team members have to move the ping-pong ball from the starting point to the ending point without any verbal communication.

Session 1 ended at 12:35PM. All the participants and committees were required to head back to the home base to have their sumptuous lunch.

Everyone was so focused on their food because of their hungry, rumbling tummies!

Let’s continue with our second session of station games! 

Tower-It! The objective of this game was to instill the spirit of teamwork in each member and for the members to see their coordination between each other.

After the game sessions, all the participants were ushered to gather at Emerald Pavilion by 4PM for a special session. This session needed all the participants to build and complete the separated logo pieces using the colourful ice cream sticks that they had collected throughout the day.

This was the final result! YAYYYY~

The activity that ensued after the special session was the mass game. The mass game required each team to make a full attire out of newspapers and it was to be worn by a single member of their team. The rest of the members played the roles of being defenders by protecting their member from the water or attackers that tried to destroy the  newspaper outfit.

Let us present to you the creativity of our participants!

All the teams were united in protecting their newspaper models together.

Finally, it was time for the award-giving ceremony!

2nd runner up, Team Green!

1st runner up, Team Brown!

 Champion, Team Grey!


A big thank you to all the participants and all the committees that were involved in Life Game 2019. At the same time, thank you to the EXCOs and sub-comms who put in a lot of effort and did their best to conduct this big, fun-filled event. Here’s to seeing you all in the future but till then, farewell and best wishes.

Tan Jia Yuan
Joshua Lee Xing Wei

Subcommittee 2019/2020