Saturday, 1 December 2018

MCSIM Life Game, Life Maze 2018

On 14th October 2018, MCSIM organized the annual Life Game event this year with the theme of “Life Game Life Maze”. It was held at Palawan Beach, Sentosa from 8:15am to 6:30pm. Life Game, Life Maze 2018 is a simulation of the challenges we face in life. Therefore, through this event, MCSIM aims to enable participants to train their perseverance and strategy planning skills to overcome all the challenges through the obstacles prepared.

All participants gathered at SIM for registration and they were divided into groups of colours which include maroon, grey, navy, brown, dark green, light blue and light green. After registration, we headed to Palawan Beach!

The event officially started with an opening by our emcees, Layla and Esther as well as a speech and a warm-up session by our club advisor, Jason. Participants were given a briefing on the game play by our emcees and subsequently, they were flagged off for game session one. 

Our participants gathered at the home base upon arrival at Palawan Beach.

Warm up session by our club advisor, Jason before the event officially started!
There was a total of 10 game stations and six EXCO Challenges. All game stations were divided into two game sessions. Each group was required to complete five game stations in one session. Participants were able to earn maze puzzles if they complete the game stations and EXCO challenges successfully. The 10 game stations were Blindfolded Listener, Spike Ball, Joker, Balance Your Life, Giant Chopsticks, Pass the Water, Tug of War, Magic Carpet, Flip Tilt Hit and Water Fight.
Participants playing one of our station games, Blindfolded Listener.

Great teamwork shown by both of our participants from purple team for Spike Ball!
Participants posing according to the pictures given at the Joker game station.
Team Navy trying balancing the tennis ball all the way to the finish line at the Balance Your Life game station.
Team Maroon working together to pass the pins at Giant Chopsticks.
Our participants from brown team doing a great job at Pass the Water!
Team Dark Green trying their best to pull the rope at Tug of War!
Team Purple solving the mathematics questions at Magic Carpet!
Team Navy getting as much ping pong balls as they can into the box at Flip Tilt Hit.

Team Purple and Light Green challenging each other at Water Fight!
After all the challenges, a mass game called “Frozen Throne” was carried out as a bonding session. All the participants, subcommittees and EXCOs were involved in this game.
Our participants from Team Grey building up their throne!
After the mass game, the event ended with the prize giving ceremony. The first prize was awarded by team Navy, second prize awarded by team Purple and the third prize awarded by team Brown.

Well, that's all for our Life Game Life Maze 2018! It was truly an enjoyable, meaningful and indeed a well-spent day for all of us. Thank you for your support and we really hope to see all of you at our next event!

Best regards,
Subcommittee 2018/19


On 18th September 2018, MCSIM organized our annual BBQ event at West Coast Park. The main objective of this event is to strengthen tie between our MCSIM members and allow our members to get to know each other better. 

Our EXCOs and subcommittees setting up the BBQ pit.

Our subcommittee members helping out to arrange the foods and drinks for BBQ!

Refreshments prepared for our participants!

Happy faces of our committees with our members!

Our BBQ event kick-started at 4pm. We started off with a short ice breaking session with a total of three games. 
Our game master, Bronnen was explaining the instructions for the game called ‘Charades’!
Our subcommittee members, Jaslyn and Lwee were briefing our members on ‘Tic Tac Toe’!
Our members trying their best to form the Bingo to win the ‘Tic Tac Toe’ game.
We were happy to see our members interacting with each other more during the ice breaking session. 
After the game session, our members enjoyed the variety of food prepared by our EXCOs and subcommittee members!

Featuring the happy faces of our members!
So yummy!!

In a blink of an eye, our BBQ party ended at 9pm. We are more than happy to see our members enjoying the fun-filled day!

Once again, we would like to thank everyone for joining our BBQ party. The event was a great success due to your support! Not forgetting our subcommittees and photographer for their endless help! We really enjoyed ourselves and hope you guys had a great time with us! See you guys soon in our future events!

Best Regards,
Chin Siaw Zing
Subcommittee member 2018/19

Saturday, 11 August 2018

MCSIM Be A Part From The Start Welcoming Party 2018!

On 17th July 2018, MCSIM had organized welcoming party for our members. The main objective for this event is to bring all Malaysian students in SIM and create a platform for them to make new friends from all over Malaysia. Our welcoming party is back with the theme of “Be A Part From The Start”. Through this event, we hope to welcome all newcomers so that they adapt well in SIM and most importantly, encouraging our members to join MCSIM’s events from the beginning.  

Warm up session before the event officially started!

Our emcee of the day, Michelle!

Sharing session by Ms.Lydia!

Interacting session conducted by Ms.Lydia with our members!

Speech by our President, Nicole!

The event kicked start with a skit prepared by our EXCOs for our beloved members. We are more than happy to see our members enjoying the skit!  

We then started our first game which was “Spider Web”. This game enabled our members to become more familiar with each other as they introduce themselves to their group mates. Then, they have to choose a person to sit on the web and carry the person up.

Our participants were interacting with each other happily!

Spiderweb created by our participants!


Happy faces of our participants with their spider web! 

After our spider web game, we proceeded to our second game which is “Hunt The Balloon”. This game was definitely challenging as the participants had to burst their opponents balloons and protect their own balloons.  

Preparations before the game begins.

Both groups were trying to burst each other balloons.  

Lastly, our final game of the event was “In and Out”. Commands were given by our game master and the 
participants had to follow the commands.

Attentive participants when our game master was giving instructions. 

Moving in and out by following instructions by our game master. 

Well-done to our winner of the day!  

It was truly an enjoyable and indeed a well-spent day for all of us. We were very delighted to see our members enjoyed themselves throughout the event. Last but not least, we welcome all our new members and we hope to see all of you again at our next event!   

  Group photo of MCSIMs family!  

Warm Regards,
Jet Viee
Director of Marketing 2018/19

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

MCSIM Members' Picnic 2018

On the 5th of June 2018, MCSIM organized a Members’ Picnic at Marina Barrage from 4:30pm-8:00pm. Through this event, MCSIM wishes to provide a platform for members to bond with each other and make new friends. The picnic also enables members to have a relaxing evening while enjoying the scenic view of Marina Bay and Gardens by the Bay which is a great way to release their stress. 

A variety of food prepared for the picnic.

Participants having some snacks while waiting for the event to begin. 

After gathering all the participants at the venue, we started off by conducting some bonding games. The games we played were called “Shout My Name” and “Money Game”. 

Game Master Zi Yu explaining the rules to the participants.
Participants guessing their opponents’ name behind the red cloth! 
The participants grouped together according to the amount of “money” set by the game master.
Our sporty participant represented his group to receive the punishment!

After the game sessions, participants enjoyed the variety of food prepared for the picnic. Participants had the chance to chat and get to know more about each other. We then had a photo taking session at the venue after having our meal and got together for a few more rounds of games.

Featuring our participants!

The picnic venue was filled with lots of joy and laughter! Throughout this event, it was great to see our participants bond and had a good time with their friends. It was definitely a wonderful day and we truly appreciate the support from our MCSIM members. Hope to see you guys in our upcoming events!

The End!
Best Regards,
Jet Viee
Director of Marketing 2018/19